Briefing: Tencent expands in Europe with WeChat Pay tool in Amsterdam airport

WeChat users will be able to order and purchase goods via Schiphol Airport's mini-program.

Briefing: Google restricts Huawei’s Android access after trade blacklist

Long term, the restriction might motivate Huawei to develop a viable alternative to Google’s operating system.

Briefing: VidMate, sold by Alibaba’s UCWeb, accused of security breaches

The app is accused of displaying hidden ads, exposing user data, and subscribing users to paid services without consent.

Liu Wenfeng, Chief Technology Officer of Baidu-owned platform iQiyi, spoke with TechNode May 9 at the company's 2019 World Conference in Beijing. (Image credit: TechNode/Cassidy McDonald)

iQiyi seeks to escape Netflix’s shadow with more interactive content, ads

iQiyi hopes to create an entire creation and distribution ecosystem for interactive video content, it announced at a conference.

Xi should capitulate—not because US is right, but because China is vulnerable

Nina Xiang argues that China has bitten off more than it can chew in trade confrontation with the US.

Briefing: US lawmaker calls for probe into Chinese state-owned subway car deal

The firm has out-competed rivals to win contracts in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Briefing: Beijing government issues first penalty for a bike-rental company

It is the first time the Beijing government has penalized a bike-rental company for the number of bikes on its streets.